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Vores SuperFlexi

Har du allerede booket?
Vi ønsker at give dig mulighed for at booke så trygt som muligt, så du kan skifte mening angående din ferie, og derfor har vi udtænkt et nyt tilbud. Hvis du allerede har booket, og du regner med at afbestille, kontakt Candida for sammen at finde ordningen der bedst passer dine krav.
Kontakt os, som du foretrækker: tlf. eller med e-mail rettet til!

Wakacje w formule OFERTA SUPERFLEXY dla rezerwacji dokonanych do dnia 5 lipiec 2020 z możliwością skorzystania z:
  • Salda płatnego w strukturze… płacisz po przyjeździe!
  • Anulacji lub zmiany daty bez ponoszenia kosztów aż do 21 dni przed datą przyjazdu
  • Zaliczki w wysokości 30%

Wakacje na świeżym powietrzu- tego potrzebujesz!

Zarezerwuj wakacje na świeżym powietrzu na naszym kempingu: duże przestrzenie, kontakt z naturą i duży, miękki basen.

Nasze super odkażanie Air Clear za pomocą ozonu wykonywane w mobile home zapewnia następujące korzyści:
  • Naturalnie i ekologicznie eliminuje bakterie, wirusy, roztocza, pleśnie, grzyby, zarodniki i wszelkiego rodzaju pasożyty.
  • Eliminuje nieprzyjemne zapachy.
  • Nie pozostawia śladów chemicznych, a po użyciu zamienia się w czysty tlen, dlatego jest ekologiczny.
  • Dokładnie czyści i dezynfekuje, nawet najmniej dostępne pęknięcia na wszystkich powierzchniach, z którymi ma kontakt.
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Do you have guest entertainment?
Yes, our entertainment team is ready with a programme that is "different" this year ... suitable for the current circumstances.
How are the activities accessed?
All entertainment activities should be booked in advance because attendance will be restricted to ensure the safe interpersonal distance for guests and operators.
What activities are available?
All activities that allow for adequate interpersonal spacing can be enjoyed. Miniclub for kids limited to a maximum number of children, fitness activities in the pool and easy excursions in the surroundings. Babydance will be available in the evening,  unfortunately there is no schedule of evening shows.

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Are all services operational as usual?
Everything is fully open; schedules will vary during the season so please contact us after 14/6.
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Is the body temperature of guests measured on arrival?
This measure is at our discretion; management may implement it and deny access to persons having temperatures exceeding 37.5 °C. We will ask you to sign a self-declaration that you are in "good health".
Do I have to follow special rules inside the camping facility?
The COVID-mitigation defence strategy is based on the following principles:
1) The mandatory use of the face mask is confirmed, in open public spaces or locations open to the
public, if safe interpersonal distancing is not possible.
2) personal hygiene;
3) the minimum interpersonal spacing is one metre, although 1,80 metres is recommended.
We will give you an information leaflet at check-in.
We have installed anti-droplet barriers and encourage the use of electronic payment methods to minimise contact.
How long will I have to wait at check-in?
We are preparing "waiting islands" where you can wait for your turn in calm and safety. As soon as you arrive, our staff will be there to guide you and assist with the reception procedures.
Will I also be able to come on holiday with people from outside my household?
Members of the same group, who occupy the same tents, caravans,
motorhomes or other means of independent and mobile accommodation registered to the customer, are not obliged to keep the interpersonal distance among themselves or to wear
face masks.
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Do I have to wear a face mask during the holiday?
Guests must always wear a face mask when moving outside their pitch or accommodation unit and in all cases when it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one metre (except for members of the same family) and when not engaged in physical activity.
Do I have to wear disposable gloves during my holiday?
Several alcohol-based hand rub hygiene stations will be deployed in various locations throughout the facility. Therefore, disposable gloves are mandatory only in the supermarket.
Are staff inside the camping facility obliged to wear face masks?
Staff are required to wear face masks always when in the presence of guests and, in any case, in any circumstance where it is not possible to guarantee the minimum safe interpersonal distance of one metre.
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Is it safe to stay on the camping pitches?
The size of the pitches ensures the safety distance; open-air living and breathing good air is an important factor in contrasting the infection.
How should I position the caravan/tent?
The open side (access approach) of the caravan, camper or tent installed on each pitch must respect a distance of at least 1.5 metres from its nearest neighbour.
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Is it allowed and safe to use the swimming pool?
Yes, the chlorine dissolved in the pool water is constantly monitored by means of an automatic system under our supervision (free active chlorine between 1.0 and 1.5 mg/l; combined chlorine ≤ 0.40 mg/l; pH 6.5–7.5). The crowding factor in the pool is calculated as 7 m2 of water surface area per person.
Is it possible to use the solarium areas?
Yes, the calculated minimum crowding factor for the solarium areas is 7 m2 of walking surface area per person. Therefore access will be permitted without exceeding this limit. Outdoor relaxation equipment (deck chairs, sun loungers) will be deployed respecting safe distancing and using dedicated pathways. At each change of user and/or at the end of the shift they will be sanitised by our staff.
Are sanitising products available at the swimming pools?
Yes, each area is equipped with dispensers of alcohol-based solution to ensure hand hygiene at clearly visible and strategic locations (entrances, areas of frequent transit and in the solarium). Everyone must rub their hands on entering these areas.
What hygiene rules apply when entering the swimming pool?
Before entering, users must take a full-body shower using soap and then wear a swimming cap in the pool itself; it is forbidden to spit, blow one's nose or urinate in the water; very young children must wear containment diapers.
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Is body temperature measured when entering the restaurants?
No. We do not envisage measuring the body temperature of guests; however, management may elect to implement this measure and deny access if a person's body temperature exceeds 37.5 °C.
Do I have to wear a face mask inside the restaurant?
Inside the restaurant, customers must wear a face mask whenever they are not sitting at their tables.
Are sanitising products available at the restaurant entrances?
Yes, sanitising products are available for guests and staff throughout the restaurant areas, in particular at the entrances and near the toilets.
Is it possible to make reservations for meals?
Yes, reservations are strongly recommended as there cannot be more customers inside the restaurant than there are seats.
Are takeaways and food delivery available?
Takeaway food is available at the restaurant.
Do you have restaurants with outdoor tables?
Yes, our restaurant Bellavista and the bar have outdoor tables with large terraces.
What are the distances between tables when eating?
The tables must be arranged in such a way that the seats ensure interpersonal separation of at least one metre between guests, with the exception of people who, according to the current provisions, are not subject to interpersonal distancing restrictions; this latter aspect is a matter of individual responsibility.
Can food be eaten at the counter?
Consumption at the counter is allowed only with an interpersonal distance of at least one metre between customers, with the exception of people who, according to the prevailing measures, are not subject to interpersonal distancing restrictions; this latter aspect is a matter of individual responsibility.
Will buffets be provided, for example for breakfast?
Buffet meals are not allowed.
Is payment by cash allowed in the restaurants and bars?
Yes, customers may pay by cash but electronic payment by far preferred, possibly at the table.
How did you address the problem of reading the menu?
Menus can be presented in laminated sheets so that they can be sanitised before and after use; alternatively, they may be printed on disposable paper or consulted online with mobile devices.
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How are toilets to be used and how are they sanitised?
All the toilets have dedicated routes marked out to avoid people encroaching on each other as much as possible. Various sanitising gel stations are deployed and all sanitary facilities can be used while keeping the envisaged safe minimum interpersonal distances. At least 4 sanitisations per day will be performed (i.e. one more than required by the regulations) with products indicated in the Higher Health Institute COVID-19 reports nos. 19/2020,
5/2020 and 21/2020. The safety of users is ensured by the sanitising of surfaces, contact parts and sanitary ware, carried out by specialised personnel, together with natural air circulation. In the toilets, there are dispensers with alcohol-based solutions for hand hygiene.
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Can we swim in the sea?
Yes, of course – indeed, bathing in the sea is recommended for its beneficial properties since the saline environment has a natural disinfectant action and for the very high degree of dilution guaranteed by seawater. Please note that Marina di Castagneto Carducci has been awarded Blue Flag status for 2020 – clean sea bathing and the utmost attention to safety are guaranteed.
What is the safety distance enforced between beach umbrellas in the rental areas?
Each umbrella must have a minimum surrounding area of 10 m2.
Do you provide a shuttle service to the beach?
We are not providing this service this year, to go to the beach you can use your car or bicycle.
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Can we engage in sports?
Yes, facilities for all individual sports are assured and can be enjoyed in total safety, the use of face masks is not mandatory during physical activity.
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How are the various structures sanitised?
We have contracted a cleaning company to sanitise the accommodation units/rooms at each change of guest; certified cleaning products will be used or other mechanical methods such as dry steam. All linen is laundered and delivered by a company that has all the professional qualifications required to operate in the current situation. We also guarantee natural air exchange and regular sanitisation of air conditioner filters. In general, the sanitising and disinfection of accommodation units is performed using alcohol and sodium hypochlorite-based products; it involves the meticulous cleansing of all horizontal and vertical surfaces (especially all surfaces which may have come into contact with guests such as bedside tables, desk, chairs, furnishings, remote controls, minibar, cupboards and drawers).
Do you need more info? Do you have any doubts?
CONTACT US and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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Oferta dzieci za darmo

Dzieci 0-9 lat bezpłatnie na placu kempingowym!
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